The Most Interactive Features

Bolha 360 works on All Devices. Just need a Web Browser!


You can use your laptop to enter on BOLHA 360 World.


With the gyroscope on your tablet you can simply control the BOLHA 360 World with your arms.


You can use your Smartphone alone or you can mount it on a VR Kit.


If you have a large screen or even a Smart TV, you will enjoy the full-resolution of BOLHA 360.

VR Kit

You can just get your Smartphone and mount it on a VR Kit and you will see BOLHA 360 as never before.



360 Camera




VR for Everyone

We believe in versatility!
With Bolha 360 everyone will be able to enjoy and enter on a new dimension — a Virtual World where everybody will experience new sensations and emotions.

Bolha 360 is a great platform for Kids.

Enter Into A World Of Fun

Watch the videos & See how Bolha 360 is so Easy to use! 

WebVR 5:29

See how a VR experience can be so easy, anywhere, anytime. You just need a VR Box and a Smartphone.

Gyroscope on Mobile 3:20

Bolha 360 uses your Smartphone’s Gyroscope and GPS to handle all the Geoposition and Geolocation for you.

Desktop & Laptop 6:45

You can always use your Laptop, Desktop or even a Smart TV to enjoy Bolha 360.

The Process

Read the Full Story

On the link bellow, you can read my story while I was developing, testing, capturing and editing the images for Bolha 360. You will also find more info about VR & 360 for the Web.


Nuno Marques

Concept, Design & Development

I am a full-stack designer and web developer, driven by clean code and with passion for pixels, colors and lights.

Birgit Verbeke


Birgit assisted in developing the project’s concept and with the location hunting for the 360 shooting.

Antonio Camara

Teacher / YDreams

Mr. Camara was my professor and coordinator for this project. He is the founder and CEO of YDreams and was awarded with the Pessoa Prize in 2006.


Mundos Virtuais

This project was built during 2018 in Portugal at FCSH University.