The Process

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How BOLHA 360 was built

Project Plan

Create a Concept

I was eager to make a 360 website to get to know the latest technology behind it, so I started by thinking about a great concept for a 360/VR project.

Search a 360/VR Engine

After a long period of research, I've tested and came up with 3 different 360/VR engines:, and Below you can see a comparison between these engines.

360 Photos & Videos

After most of the code was written, we went out with the 360 camera to record the footage in the beautiful Serra da Estrela. Finally, the 360 shots were edited to enhance the immersive experience.

Finding a VR Engine

All of them work pretty good on Mobile devices, Tablets, Laptops and Desktop, but only KRPano was able to provide a real VR Experience. With its own new Gyro 2 Plugin and 360 audio, we are able to build 360 VR Experiences that work seamless on all devices, as this plug-in is really smooth working and very practical.

The gyroscope on Marzipano only worked on 360 videos, but has a very great tool — its online Tour Editor.

Last, but not least, we have the Pannellum engine, very simple to use, gyroscope was working only on the 360 images, not on the videos.

Behind the Scenes