Improvisation is a creative method where spontaneity and randomness result in new forms and solutions to recreate art and life. In this sense, we believe we have just created a space where it can happen – The BUBBLE.

The BUBBLE takes the form of a dome as a pneumatic membrane.

As an air-supported structure, the BUBBLE’s shape is maintained through internal air pressure generated from compressed air canisters with energy coming from solar panels. The inflatable exterior comprises 200 emergency (Mylar) blankets. These objects, today commonly associated with humanitarian crises, natural disasters, and social emergencies, symbolizes a sanctuary or safehaven for its participants and visitors. This BUBBLE is also a tribute to the traumatic sea crossings that many refugees endure in the search for safety and security.

In holding multidisciplinary Improvised ArtSessions, this project aim to instil harmony and unity within a bubble of peace. In so doing, we believe we can discover new valid ways to address our problems, create social awareness and maybe put into life an utopia.

This Project Aims To
  • showcase and promote electronic improvised music-related creators and artists and their works.
  • be a key player in the field of architecture/sustainable design in local/international environments.
  • create outstanding visual and sonic sculptures at well-attended events.
  • experience working among emerging creatives.
  • demonstrate a commitment to improving the understanding of cities, nature, architecture, design and built environments in the community.
  • contribute to the worldwide communication of ideas, information and values.
  • stimulate creativity and create alternatives to the established models of operation.

Making Of

Building Bolha

Testing Bolha

Festival Clepsidra