Desterronics is an open orchestra without permanent or fixed members/players. The group was established in June 2015 in the first session at Desterro – Associaçao Cultural in Lisboa, Portugal. Since Jari Marjamaki–Dj, musician, and producer–began the project, there are now more than 100 Desterronics members with more than 1000h of archival recordings, a string of vinyl and k7 releases, and an online radio station. Desterronics has already participated in a number of festivals in Portugal, such as Festival Forte, ZNAGathering,  ZigurFest, Festum – Leiria and Arco8Açores. For five hours a week, Desterronics continues to push the boundaries of improvised electronic music, uniting people of all nationalities and backgroundings, building a foundation based on sharing and togetherness.

Desterronics rocks since then, uniting people from all around the world, with different backgrounds, but building common sense of sharing and togetherness, each week, 5 continuous hours.

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